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Meet Kulin

DTC Magazine, 2021

You're in good company.

Hi, we're Kulin. koo•lin

We help DTC ecommerce brands scale revenue through paid social, Google ads, influencer marketing, and smart strategy.

Why direct-to-consumer?

Because without customers, none of us would have a business. (And without DTC, we’d all have to leave our houses to buy toilet paper. No thanks.)

Why paid social?

Call it a complex, but we love making multiple marketing channels work together to grow your ecommerce business. Paid social is our favorite touchpoint of all, because watching someone discover a great brand for the first time is always incredible.

Why us?

You need a small, smart, and flexible team of DTC growth advisors to push your brand to the next level. Don’t you?

“You are rockstars and anyone would be lucky to have you on their accounts. I know we are.”

Nicholas Broadley, Director of Growth, Pela Case

Start crushing your
growth goals.

Paid Social Advertising

Google Ads (Google Search, Shopping, YouTube)

Influencer Marketing

Performance Creative

Launch Strategy & Execution

Brand-first performance marketing with a smile.

Obsessed with growing your brand? So are we. Here are some of the areas we’ll focus on when you work with Kulin.

Paid Social Advertising

Where it all started for us. Our resident social ads specialist designs a strategy just for your brand, creates great ads, and measures performance continuously. Trust us — even if you’re already running ads, chances are that Facebook and Instagram could be working a LOT harder for your brand.

Google Ads

Don’t sleep on Google Ads (Search, YouTube, Shopping). If Google is where your brand needs to be, we’ll strategize the right placement for your ads across these main channels. Then we’ll roll out your ads, monitor your ROAS, and tweak like a caffeinated Chihuahua until you’re where you need to be.

Launch Strategy & Execution

Whew — just us, or is it time for launch? Present your new product with all the fanfare it deserves. Like a bucket full of Legos, a good launch has a lot of moving pieces that all need to fit together. Don’t just dump them all out there to get stepped on.

Performance Creative

What’s a great ad without great creative? (Spoiler: it doesn’t exist.) Every campaign we create for your DTC brand is built on high-performing creatives, including striking visuals, compelling customer reviews, UGC, and more.

Influencer Marketing

Authentic branded content, made easy. We develop and execute influencer marketing strategies based on your brand goals, helping you navigate the creator economy by connecting you with the top social influencers, micro-influencers and creators on the platforms that matter most for your brand.

What it's like to work with

You decide you love us and MUST work with us. (It’s mutual.)
We do an audit to figure out where we can have the biggest impact.
We build a roadmap that drives us to those goals (with offroad tires in the trunk just in case life happens).
Together, we build a flexible strategy and start drafting creatives.
We lock in your ads, load ‘em into the platforms we’ve chosen, and pull the trigger.
You concentrate on serving all your new customers while we review performance, adjust as needed, and keep crushing it.

Just some of what you’ll get from our work together.

Super detailed, real-time Google Data Studio dashboards. 

We can pull out insights on your business and audience you probably didn’t even know existed. Yes, thank you, we’re thrilling at parties.

Regular, detailed review of performance results.

To get where you want to go, you need to know where you’ve been. We’re constantly reviewing key metrics and KPI’s to ensure we’re progressing every single month.

True Partnership

We’ve found that our most rewarding and successful engagements happen when we work as an extension of your team. That’s why we work with only a handful of DTC brands at a time.

“Keeping ahead of trends and dispensing strategic wisdom in a space as wild and fast-moving as DTC isn’t easy, even if Kulin makes it look that way.”

DTC Magazine, Top 50 Most Influential People in DTC

We’ve been so happy with Kulin & the results that we’ve expanded our scope with them. We love working with Kulin and only wish we’d found them sooner.

Kevin Lee, Co-founder Immi

“Finally, a media team that’ll tell me how it is. No bullshit. No “hacks”. Just insights and practical solutions.”

Annie Mitchel, CEO, Bottleshot

“Kulin's suggestions have improved conversions by 134%!”

Ameet Khabra, Owner, Hop Skip Media

“Kulin's transparency, honesty, and willingness to help is only matched by their mastery of the FB Ads platform.”

Jess Bachman, Co-founder, FireTeam

“Kulin feels like an extension of our team. Clear communication, great platform knowledge and most importantly results.”

James Pointer, Founder, Melon Optics

“I trust Kulin deeply. With Kulin you get a true strategist, plus a tactician that has loads of experience. I recommend them highly.”

Andrew Foxwell, Co-Founder, Foxwell Digital

Kulin works with brand-forward DTC stores that are ready to scale.

We're the right fit if...

  • You’re running a DTC brand that makes amazing products, and you really give a shit about your impact on the world
  • You love it when your creative collaborators are TRULY partners
  • You’ve got an awesome creative team that could benefit from outside input and optimization
  • You’re already spending $30K+ per month and you know you could be getting more out of it

We're NOT the right fit if...

  • You’ve lost passion for your products (if you ever had it) or you’re angling for a quick buck
  • You don’t want human experts with ideas and plans and lungs — you want a joyless algorithm
  • You micro-manage or second-guess the experts you hire
  • You glorify hustle culture and have been burned out for so long, they call you the Great Fire of London

Get the expertise of a big agency with the personal touch of a small one.

Kulin was founded by 4 successful entrepreneurs. We’re obsessed with growing phenomenal brands we believe in.

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