Q4 2022 - Intro: Getting Your Brand Ready for Black Friday Cyber Monday

2022 has been a challenging, volatile year. But Q4 is always a time for optimism. We've put together a checklist to make sure you don't leave anything on the table.

Before the first day of Q4, my pals at Kulin gave to meee: way more content than I’ll ever reeead. (This only works with the Twelve Days of Christmas melody in your head).

2022 has been a challenging, volatile year for many people and businesses across the globe. But that doesn’t speak to the optimism many industry leaders have heading into Q4.

Our very own founding partner/DTC genius/yo-yo master Chris Mikulin is optimistic about spending this year. Google Trends show a major increase for ‘home equity line of credit’ searches, which historically correlates with an increase in household spending.

Nate from Pilothouse and the All Killer No Filler podcast is seeing unstable markets cause larger brands to pull back on paid social budgets, which offers an opportunity for digital-first businesses to capitalize in Q4.

While optimism is always appreciated, that doesn't make Black Friday/Cyber Monday success a sure thing. There's a ton of work to do ahead of time, which is why we put together this guide to help brands, founders, and marketing executives navigate the hectic holiday season.

Heads up: there’s a lot to cover and plenty of work ahead to get prepped for BFCM.

Explore the links below to dive into tips & tactics for topics most relevant to you OR skip ahead to the TL;DR here

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  1. Black Friday Cyber Monday Strategic Planning & Goal Setting
    Consider macro trends and your own first-hand experience when planning your Black Friday Cyber Monday strategy and goals. 
  2. Choosing Black Friday Offers & Discounts
    Offers and discounts make Black Friday the peak shopping period of the year. It’s important to get this right to avoid leaving money on the table.
  3. How to build your Q4 campaign calendar
    Build a Q4 calendar that maps out your marketing activities around the different phases of BFCM, with who needs to do what and when.
  4. 10 Email Marketing Strategies Your DTC Brand Needs in Q4
    Invest in your email marketing before Black Friday, since your retention strategy can be significantly more valuable during Q4 than any other time of year.
  5. Prepare your paid media strategy for Black Friday
    A solid paid media strategy can make the most out of your BFCM sale. A poorly planned paid strategy can dissipate profits in a few hours. Plan carefully.
  6. Getting design, copy, and creative ready for BFCM
    Take inspiration from brands you admire and reflect on your own data when deciding what copy and creative to run for Black Friday Cyber Monday.
  7. Getting your site ready for Black Friday
    You can have the greatest product and offer in the world, but if your site isn’t optimized for a spike of BFCM traffic, you’re going to leave revenue on the table.
  8. What to do during the BFCM sale
    Your campaigns are scheduled, the website is optimized, and your team is aligned with the campaign calendar. Now what? Optimize, troubleshoot, and scale.
  9. How to Make the Most of the Post-BFCM Period
    Acquisition gets all the hype during Black Friday, but the real value is in converting one-time buyers into long-term customers during the post-BFCM period.

Let's get into it! Start Here: Black Friday Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

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